How to Fix Error Code 10

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You can probably know the origin of this error from the error message shows up on your computer screen. Exactly, error code 7 indicates a ntkrnlmp.exe related error. This file is considered as a system file. And it is responsible for providing functionalities for the Windows operating system. Ntkrnlmp.exe is located in C:\Windows\driver cache\i386. If you have modify the BIOS settings in your computer, you would likely to get this error message when you try to install Windows XP.Error messages like this would probably pop up when you try to access the Windows 7 installation CD. When this happens, the installation process would be halted, and it is not likely that you can fix the problem by re-installing the program.

Error code 8 is in fact a message that tells you there is some malfunctioned hard ware device in your computer. It would occur when certain hard ware device in your PC is missing, or when the driver of a particular hard ware is not installed properly. Error messages like this also indicate insufficient memory on your hard drive. You should know that your system needs enough free space on your hard drive to ensure the efficiency of your computer.This error basically means that you have a problem with the device drivers on your PC. The drivers of your computer are used to control the various hardware components of Windows with the software of your system. Essentially, a Windows computer that shows this error either has driver installation problems, driver update problems or is unable to use various hardware components on your system.

The main cause of this error is down to either the incorrect driver being installed for a piece of hardware, or the wrong driver being installed. To make sure this is not a problem, you should first open the "Device Manager" of your PC and then look for any pieces of hardware which do not have any drivers installed. These pieces of hardware can normally be identified with a yellow exclamation mark that many devices will show if they do not have the various drivers they need to run. You should attempt to reinstall or update as many drivers on your PC as possible, to ensure that Windows is able to use all the hardware components it requires to run.After you've done that, it's advisable you clean out the "registry" of your system. This can be done by using a 'registry cleaner' application, which is a software tool that's been designed to scan through Windows and fix all the errors that are inside it. The registry is a very important part of your computer, as it's continually being used to store 100's of your files & settings, allowing your PC to run as smoothly as possible.

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How to Fix Error Code 10

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This article was published on 2010/12/15