Common Problem Of Pc Errors

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I have read a survey ensuring that data loss due to computer errors causes a loss of more than $20 billion to computer users across the globe. The same in another survey described that 2 out of every 8 PC users lost vital data resulting in major losses due to these PC errors. The figures are an alarming indication of the strong improvement or remedy and also seriousness of computer errors.

There maybe some computer errors that cannot be avoided, many of them can be easily prevented if users have a proper understanding of the causes of PC errors and easy ways to put an end to them.
There are many windows registry programs also that claim to fix these all windows related errors through their registry program, however I have seen there are still many errors in windows system that cannot be fixed easily and needs to be considered properly in a different way or it requires windows reinstallation from the scratch. However no one would like to reinstall windows and will avoid it as much as possible. Lets see basically what causes these windows errors that might cause heavy data loss later.
Common Causes of PC Errors:

If any of your computer hardware is faulty.
Any driver is malfunctioning or damaged completely.
Any damaged, corrupt or missing files may cause software errors.
If any Conflicts among programs running simultaneously.
Hard drive errors, such as CRC error or no disk space error that may result from a cluttered hard disk with damaged, fragmented, and corrupt files.
Virus or spyware infections.
There may be obsolete programs versions in the computer.
Software remove may also cause PC errors many times.
Any software, hardware installation, reinstallation issue can also cause the PC error problem.
Many times it also happens the error I mean any particular error does not mean the problem lies in itself but it only indicates that the actual problem hides somewhere else. For an instance in windows services most of them are dependent on other services and if a dependent service is stopped it wont run either. However if the former services is required to be run to perform any particular task you may get an error message saying about the former services while the actual culprit is later one. So please also be aware of such error message where you may be searching something however the reason lies somewhere else.
Over all the error messages produced by the windows operating system do not indicate the actual problem, yes the consequences might be visible when we need any particular program and if the error message is related to this particular program or component. Hope this will help in certain way to diagnose windows issue i.e. especially the error messages produced by windows.
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Common Problem Of Pc Errors

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This article was published on 2010/10/14